Every elopement I shoot is different.

That’s part of the reason it’s so fun to help my couples create their dream day, exactly the way they want it. For Jessie and Brandon, their dream was a Breckenridge mountain elopement that could also double as a honeymoon. Even though it was just the two of them, they were still super focused on the details that would create an amazing experience.

The Details

  • They rented an EPIC Airbnb in Blue River, which is just south of Breckenridge. It had an amazing view of Quandary Peak, which is one of the popular 14ers here in Colorado. Brandon and Jessie knew lodging would play a big part in their experience, especially since it would be used as their honeymoon spot, so they went all out.
  • Speaking of Mount Quandary, they eloped right at the base of the mountain at Blue Lakes Reservoir. I’ve had multiple couples elope or have intimate weddings at Blue Lakes – it’s a gorgeous spot.
  • Jessie couldn’t decide on a white or black dress, so she just wore both! After sharing vows, I brought out my little pop-up changing room for her to swap dresses. She rocked both looks (pretend there’s a flame emoji here).
  • Other details these two didn’t skimp on were their florals (that matched both Jessie’s dresses perfectly), handwritten vows so they weren’t just reading off their phones, and a sweet first dance moment to “Lady May.”

Must Knows

  • A lot of Breckenridge elopement spots, like Blue Lakes, are only accessible during summer months. The offroading it requires to get there can be a little sketch during the winter, so those roads get shut down. If you love this spot as much as I do, make sure you’re planning for a spring/summer elopement or intimate wedding.
  • Jessie and Brandon eloped in May, which is one of Colorado’s toss up months. I warned these two that we wouldn’t know what type of weather we would end up with, so I created a plan A, B, and C. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be flexible during the spring and summer!
  • The morning of their Breckenridge elopement, I called them because the weather was going to fuck with our timeline. Thankfully they were super laid back, so we moved everything forward by three hours and only ended up experiencing a little hail. This is one of the major positives about eloping alone – we didn’t have to worry about accommodating any friends or family. It was hella easy to just change our plans and move on.


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