alternative colorado elopement photographer & planner for punk-rock, van obsessed, non-traditional couples who want to elope without the complicated planning bullshit.

McKenzie Bigliazzi Supports Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ Community.



helping anxious couples who don't want to deal with the drama of their broken family or the anxiety of being the center of attention, create an elopement experience in colorado that feels more like a road-trip out west with the best playlist and less like planning a wedding.

colorado Elopement
photographer & planner

DAMN!! You are so badass for choosing to do exactly what you want to do for the best day of your life. Badass couples are BRAVE & UNAPOLOGETIC - choosing themselves above all else. Above the non-sense of the wedding industry & the unsolicited advice of family members. There's something to be said about the bravery hold. You're the right place.

Hi, I’m Kenzie. I come from a broken family, 18 years of undiagnosed mental illness, & regularly go to therapy. I create Colorado Elopement Experiences for couples who don’t see themselves reflected on popular wedding blogs. A safe space for you to be yourself with all your quirks & celebrate the badass love you found - even if it was on the internet, idgaf - hell yeah. Get married with your besties that are your family or just the two of you. Let’s let that freak flag fly & say some vows while we’re at it.


it should feel like you logged into myspace and see you’re on your crush’s top 8. it should feel like screaming your favorite verse of “Perfect” by Simple Plan after you got your first car. it should feel like witnessing the most amazing mountain sunrise while drinking your first cup of death wish.


i believe your elopement day should feel like the first time you heard ocean avenue.

i believe your colorado elopement day should feel like coming home to your best friend.

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You two say I Do in the mountains and fall in love with CO.

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"She is so good at making sure that your day goes exactly how you want it - even when you want to get tattoos on your wedding day and have them photographed! If you're looking for a photographer... STOP because McKenzie Bigliazzi is the only option. Trust me, they don't get better than this wonderful human and her team!"

Claudia and Jose

"McKenzie is the breath of fresh air to work with, from the initial inquiry to post-wedding bliss! The communication is always so timely and she is a woman of her word. She proclaims to help you from start to finish with guides and she even helped us search locations, she does what she says and then some."

Tori and Tyler

"McKenzie is our all time favorite! I knew from the moment she sent us a meme (and a video introducing herself) in her response to our inquiry, she HAD to be our photographer. Her energy is so positive and supportive and exactly what you need on your wedding day + leading up to it. 

Brooke and Abhay

"The amount of love, comfort, and acceptance that Kenzie provided to my husband who is transgender is as if we've been friends our entire lives. The talent, the love, the personality, the location, and finally, KENZIE herself!?! Come on...SAY LESS AND BOOK HER!"

Taylor and Lachlan