When couples have been together so long they forget what life was like before bae, an intimate wedding or hybrid elopement isn’t super appealing.

That was the case for Nicole and Kody. They’ve been together forever, and saying “I do” was just a way of making things official. These two came out to Colorado for a vacation and that was their main priority – vacation vibes only. I did all the planning and organized a mid-week ceremony for them that ended up being a perfect, private Garden of the Gods elopement.

The Details

  • Kody and Nicole weren’t interested in getting married in front of their family, which, if no one has told you, is totally cool! Both their personalities shy away from being the center of attention, so an elopement where they could focus on each other was perfect.
  • We went to Garden of the Gods on a Wednesday afternoon and had so much privacy. That’s legit unheard of at Garden of the Gods. Weekdays are the MOVE, especially during the summer.
  • These two exchanged personal vows and thanks to self-solemnization, they were married! They opted not have an officiant, which made exchanging vows even more intimate.
  • They did choose to hire a videographer as well, which I highly encourage my couples to do if it works with their budget. Even though their fam wasn’t with them, now they’ll have photos AND videos to share with their loved ones.
  • Please peep the custom Vans.

Must Knows

  • The goal for Nicole and Kody was to have a very low-effort elopement, which I’m totally here for. I double as a planner for my couples, so I was happy to handle choosing their location, organizing lodging, and picking up their flowers the day of.
  • An accessible, but beautiful, location was important for these two. They aren’t big hikers, so I knew Garden of the Gods would be a great spot for them.
  • Garden of the Gods is a HUGE tourist spot in Colorado Springs. It’s beautiful, free, and like I said before, super accessible for everyone. For my couples eloping there, I highly recommend a weekday elopement. You get so much more privacy than on a weekend.
  • These two got married in June and had to deal with Colorado’s unpredictable afternoon thunderstorms. We got a little wet, but thankfully it didn’t downpour. For my summer couples, keep this in mind if you’re wanting to elope later in the day.


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