It’s no secret that a lot of my couples turn into some of my greatest friends.

I spend so much time with them, sharing some of their most intimate moments, that it’s bound to happen. Lyndi and Kris were no exception – I spent seven hours with these baddies on their elopement day! For them, it was important to have a casual day solely focused on their relationship and interests. A low-key Airbnb elopement tucked up in the Colorado mountains was perfect for these two.

The Details

  • Their epic Airbnb was in Blackhawk, Colorado, which is about an hour drive from Denver.
  • Kris and Lyndi really wanted to capture the anticipation they felt leading up to their ceremony, so we started the morning together taking some cute, getting ready photos.
  • We set up their ceremony in the living room. They wanted to incorporate a lot of rituals into the day, so the space was way more important to them than the scenery.
  • To symbolize their commitment to each other, they did a couple ceremonies – cacao, handwashing, sand, and handfasting.
  • After their ceremony and sharing vows, we ran outside to take some pictures in the fresh snow. Then they did my fave thing ever and shared a unity joint!
  • Instead of buying a cake, Lyndi and Kris opted to just make their own together. It was such a sweet way for them to spend intentional time together.
  • I don’t think you’re ready for what we did next. We took the most BOMB photos in their Airbnb’s hot tub. The ones of them eating cake full on sent me.
  • To wind down and finish off the day, they chose to play some card games and share a first dance. I loved that they chose to change into their pajamas for their final elopement-day moments.

A couple getting ready together for their low-key Airbnb elopement.

To celebrate during their low-key Airbnb elopement, the couple made their own cake.

Must Knows

  • When you choose me as your Colorado elopement photographer, I will work with you and bae to create the perfect package and plan for YOU. Kris and Lyndi booked me for seven hours, but I’ve had couples that only wanted three hours. However you envision your day, I’m here to help you plan it.
  • Just because you’re eloping, it doesn’t mean you need to completely change up your routine. Lyndi and Kris are used to doing everything together, so they stayed true to themselves and helped each other get ready. It would’ve been weird for them not to.
  • These two got married in January, so it was very cold and very snowy. Since they planned a low-key Airbnb elopement, the weather didn’t really phase us. But if your dream elopement involves the snowy mountains, make sure you’re packing and planning appropriately!

For their low-key Airbnb elopement, the couple spent time in the hot tub.

The couple shared pizza and played cards during their low-key Airbnb elopement.

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