I tell my couples all the time how easy it is to elope in Colorado. But, I’m also honest about how overwhelming it can be to pick a location. Some spots require a permit, some spots only require a permit if you have a certain amount of people, and some spots you have to pay to access. If you’re ballin on a budget, it can be hard to find free elopement locations in Colorado.

For my couples, that’s what I’m here for. Based on their vision, I offer choices and provide all the background info they need. Here are some of my favorite free elopement locations in Colorado.

Echo Lake (Idaho Springs)

  • Pros: Open year round, but I love the beautiful mountain views for my winter couples! It’s also super close to Denver, which makes it easy to head back downtown to celebrate after saying “I do” if that’s something you want to do.
  • Cons: It can get pretty busy in the summer, so you’ll see a lot of hikers and people fishing. It’s also not in a location where there are a lot of other activities or places to stay, so if you want to entertain family and friends, I wouldn’t recommend Echo Lake.
  • Drive time from Denver – 45 minutes

Guanella Pass (Georgetown)

  • Pros: The mountains here are so epic and will make you feel tiny, so pick this spot if you want the most impressive mountains in the background of your photos. The sunsets here are also my favorite if you and bae are early risers.
  • Cons: The pass closes in the winter, usually around Thanksgiving, so it’s the easiest to access in the summer and fall. This spot is POPPIN during those seasons though and is the start to a very popular hike, so be prepared for a lot of other hikers and limited parking. The altitude here (12,000 feet) is also no joke, so keep that in mind.
  • Drive time from Denver – 1 hour

Saint Mary’s Glacier (Idaho Springs)

  • Pros: Stunning panoramic views of the lake and the mountains, whether you elope in the winter or summer! It’s about a half-mile hike up to the lake, so this spot is perfect if you want to lace up your hiking boots.
  • Cons: This spot’s elevation is 10,000 feet and the hike is straight up, making it challenging for people who aren’t used to hiking. I bring my friends here a lot, but I wouldn’t recommend it for big groups or if your family members aren’t active hikers.
  • Drive time from Denver – 1 hour

Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs)

  • Pros: Do I really need to tell you about this spot? It’s gorgeous. I HIGHLY recommend eloping at sunrise if you want a secluded, intimate setting because it can get very busy after that. Garden of the Gods is also super accessible, so I love this option if you’re bringing family and friends.
  • Cons: Because it’s so pretty, it’s quickly become insanely popular for elopements. Any time after sunrise, especially at sunset, you’ll be fighting crowds, parking, and other elopements. If complete privacy is important to you, this won’t be your dream spot.
  • Drive time from Denver – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Officer’s Gulch (Frisco)

  • Pros: If your dream is to elope in a forest, this is the spot for you. It’s also super accessible for couples who don’t want to hike or larger groups. Just a short, flat walk to the ceremony spot!
  • Cons: Officer’s Gulch is right off the interstate, so you will hear some of the car and engine noises during your elopement. It’s also a really popular fishing spot, so you may have the occasional fisher in the background.
  • Drive time from Denver – 1 hour and 15 minutes

Blue Lakes (Breckenridge)

  • Pros: This is a great spot for summer and fall weddings when the weather is the most cooperative. I love Blue Lakes because of its wildlife. It’s totally normal to see moose or goats! Dogs are allowed as long as they’re on a leash, so if you’re adamant about bringing your fur baby, you’re in luck!
  • Cons: The road up to Blue Lakes is dangerous, so it’s closed in the winter. If you’re traveling in from out of state, I absolutely recommend renting an SUV otherwise you likely won’t make it to this spot. It’s also a popular spot for tourists and elopements, so be prepared that you may not be alone.
  • Drive time from Denver – 1 hour and 30 minutes

San Juan Mountains (Telluride)

  • Scenery for everyone! Super blue lakes, breathtaking mountains, and perfect leaf peeping colors in the fall. Since it’s further from Denver, it’s less crowded than a lot of other popular elopement spots, like Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Drive time from Denver – 6 hours and 30 minutes

These are only a handful of free elopement locations in Colorado, but I’m always on Google Maps looking for new, dreamy locations for my couples. I’d love to find you and bae the perfect spot!

Let’s do the damn thing.

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