Are you ready for part two of Sarah and Austin’s two-day Colorado elopement experience?!

If you haven’t read about their family-focused ceremony in Breckenridge, take five minutes and do that first. Okay good, hey, welcome back. A month after their special day in Breckenridge, the three of us made the drive southwest for a private, intentional elopement. My personal favorite part? They specifically chose 4/20 for their Telluride elopement. My couples are the friggin’ BEST.

The Details

  • We stayed in Telluride, but where they shared vows was actually an hour away in Ouray (yur-ay). The Million Dollar Highway was the perfect backdrop for their elopement. It’s nestled in the mountains but still really accessible.
  • Even though they celebrated their love with friends and family a month earlier, this trip is when they actually signed their marriage license!
  • After vows we drove back to Telluride and took pictures downtown. We did these at night and they turned out a little spooky, which Austin and Sarah loved.
  • In my opinion, you can’t end a day without something sweet. These two ended their Telluride elopement day with some local baked goods, which I captured with some Polaroid-inspired pics.

Must Knows

  • We were up in Telluride during an off period. Ski season had just finished and the town was prepping for summer tourists, so a lot of businesses and things to do were closed. We were really looking forward to riding the gondola, but unfortunately 4/20 was one of few days it was closed. If you want a mountain-town wedding any time from April – May, be aware some places won’t be open!
  • The initial spot we had planned for vows had just gotten a crap ton of snow, so it wasn’t accessible. Sarah and Austin were great about being flexible, and we still found a great spot for them to say, “I do.” Always be prepared for a plan B up in the mountains!
  • Austin was a groom who wanted flowers, which I love. WE WANT MORE MEN THAT WANT FLOWERS! He always wears his hat, so their florist was able to make an arrangement that fit right in.


Interested in a two-day experience? I loved this one.

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