When it comes to describing the weather in Colorado, unpredictable is the word I use the most.

Especially up in the mountains, you can have a beautiful sunny day, only to get attacked by hail 10 minutes later. When it comes to deciding what month to get married in Colorado, there are a few things that are a little less unpredictable. Here’s what you and bae can expect depending on what month you choose.

Spring (April – May)

Average temperature: 45-60 degrees in the mountains; 60-70 closer to Denver

This is considered off season for Colorado. If you’re eyeing popular locations like Garden of the Gods, this is a great time to make the trip out. Hot spots will be a little less busy and give you two a more intimate setting. BUT, it’s also hella tough to predict the weather this time of year. You could luck out with a warm sunny day, but there could also be an insane snow storm. Prepare to roll with the punches!

Summer (June – August)

Average temperature: 70-75 degrees in the mountains; 80-85 closer to Denver

If the cold weather isn’t for you, get married in Colorado over the summer months. We have 360 days of sunshine every year, plus all the nature is green and in bloom. Some mountain roads that close in the winter also start to open up, which means we have more places to explore. There are more people traveling here in the summer, so keep in mind some places may be a little busier or completely booked.

Fall (August – October)

Average temperature: 75 degrees in the mountains; 65 degrees closer to Denver

PSA – this is the most popular month to elope in Colorado! You best be booking your vendors WAY in advance, especially if you have your eyes on September. Colorado in the fall is beautiful. The leaves are starting to change colors and the weather is perfect. But, there are also a lot of people out on the trails for those same reasons. All of this doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing elopement day, you just might need to be flexible on the day of the week and time you pick.

Winter (November – April)

Average temperature: 10-40 degrees in the mountains; 50 degrees closer to Denver

If you want a true winter wonderland, these are the months to get married in Colorado! Snow is pretty much guaranteed, especially up in the mountains. The trails and parks are usually less crazy, so you’ll have your epic spot all to yourself. Toward the end of the winter season, like March and April, there will still be snow on the ground but you won’t be freezing AF. Colorado still gets a lot of snow in March, but that means roads close a lot more often. If you’re coming out toward the end of winter, we’ll discuss a backup plan in case your location isn’t accessible.

As always, I’m here to help! Fill out my contact form and we’ll find the perfect time of year for you and bae to say “I do.”

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