You know me as Kenzie, the Colorado elopement photographer.

BUT that’s not all I am. Just like I can go from punk rock to y’allternative, I can also go from private elopements to big, traditional weddings. Kayla and Kaine flew me out to Michigan to photograph their wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake, and their beautiful day really sealed the deal for me.

Before you ask, NO I’m not leaving my elopements and intimate weddings behind. Ya girl would never. I just want to lean back into photographing a few bigger weddings each year. Check out Kaine and Kayla’s personality-filled wedding day and tell me you wouldn’t want to be part of it too!

A bride and groom say "I do" at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

The Details

  • Kaine grew up in Michigan, so that’s where he and Kayla have planted roots. For them, it was important to bring their friends and family to the place they call home.
  • They did a first look at the beginning of the day, which gave them SO much time back after their ceremony. We were able to knock out most of their photos before they said “I do,” which freed up plenty of time to party.
  • Kayla also chose to do a first look with her dad (these melt me every time), the groomsmen, and her nephews. The special moments were emotional for everybody.
  • We also took some photos with Kayla and Kaine’s doggos, who even participated in the wedding, and with her dad’s most prized possession – his vintage truck. He rebuilt it from the ground up, so it was really important to Kayla to snap some photos with it.
  • After the ceremony, it was time to PARTY! These two are party people through and through, and I laughed my ass off most of the night.

A couple gets ready separately at their wedding ceremony space, The Barn at Higgins Lake.

The bride's father cries during their first look before her wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

Must Knows

  • A wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake is a dream, especially with the gorgeous fall colors. The layout of the property and wedding spaces is designed with photographers in mind and made my job so easy. I would go back in a heartbeat.
  • Kayla and Kaine made sure everyone important to them was at their wedding. It wasn’t some free for all. Everyone there played some sort of role in their lives, and they wanted to share their day with them.
  • There were so many special moments that made this day uniquely “Kayla and Kaine.” From incorporating their dogs and nephews into the ceremony, to the glow sticks at the reception, they made sure their wedding day was a perfect reflection of their personalities.
A couple shares a first look at their wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

The bride, and her dogs, walk down the aisle for the wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

The bride and groom share a first dance after their wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake.

Wedding guests celebrate after the couple's wedding at The Barn at Higgins Lake.


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