Can you marry yourself in Colorado? Yes, it’s call self-solemnization.

Colorado is THEE raddest place to get married, and the easiest. Couples can officiate their own wedding through something called self-solemnization, which means you can marry yourself without an officiant or witnesses.

Solemnization Meaning

“Okay, Kenzie, but what does this actually mean?”

YOOO, it means you can literally go pick up your marriage license, visit an epic spot, say those kickass vows, sign that license, and turn it back it. BAM – you’re friggin’ married. Bring your fur baby, they can actually “sign” your license as a witness. Only certain counties allow it, so keep reading for the tea. Colorado is amazing – you could quite literally go on a hike and come back married. Most importantly, you can have a wedding day that’s intentional and unique.

How to Self-Solemnize in Colorado

Self-solemnizing is super simple!

  1. Pick a county to pick up your license from. Denver County is usually busy so I tell my couples to go to a different county that’s close by. Click here to see more info! Arapahoe and Denver County do NOT allow your dog to sign with their paw print.
  2. Apply for your marriage license within 35 days of your elopement. It’s $30 and requires a social security number and form of identification from both you and bae.
  3. Say “I do” and marry yourselves anywhere in Colorado thanks to self-solemnization!
  4. Send the license back within 63 days of your elopement.

Benefits to Self-Solemnizing Elopements

There are so many benefits to self-solemnization in Colorado. For instance:

  • No awkward agenda. Most officiants have a script or a list of things they’ll be saying to guide your ceremony. Sometimes it may be too religious for your liking or sometimes they might just be a little awkward. By cutting out the need for an officiant, your agenda is the only one that matters.
  • Your dog can sign as a witness. YES! As if Colorado couldn’t get any cooler, your fur baby can play a big part in your elopement day. In other words, just call your fur babies your babies of honor. But remember, if you got your marriage license in Arapahoe or Denver County, your doggo will NOT be allowed to sign for you.
  • Endless epic adventures. Renting a badass jeep to explore Telluride? Hiking up to the top of a 14er? The adventures are endless because there is no one else to worry about but you two.
  • A friend can lead the ceremony. Have a friend or family member that played a huge part in your relationship? Ask them to lead the ceremony! They do not have to be ordained or know any cheesy scripts. After that, they can sign your marriage license too if you’d like.
  • Your ceremony is up to you. You and bae can plan an elopement that lasts only a few minutes or a full hour. You can say your vows out loud or have a silent ceremony by exchanging letters.

What does it look like to self-solemnize?

It can look however you want! I know it can seem weird to be in charge of your own ceremony, but here are some examples of what my couples have done.

  • Vows are exchanged, then champagne is popped! (With Leave No Trace in mind of course)
  • Write letters to each other and exchange them at your location. These letters can be read standing back to back or in private at the Airbnb before seeing each other.
  • If you invite friends or family, create an itinerary for them. Sometimes there are readings or sweet words by family members.
  • Share your vows, seal the day with an epic kiss, toast champagne, and enjoy a sweet little picnic. To conclude your elopement, couples love to cuddle up in a cozy cabin in the mountains or explore some of the many breweries in Colorado.

Self-solemnization is beautiful because it keeps your agenda at the forefront, allows you to stay focused on your story, and leaves any judgment out of the equation. I help all my couples plan their ceremonies with self-solemnization in mind, so they can focus on the fun stuff.

Self-Solemnization FAQs

Is our marriage legal in all states if we self-solemnize?

YES! As long as the marriage license is from a state that allows self-uniting marriage, you’re legally married everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can self-solemnize in Colorado and go home married.

Can we still have an officiant even though we are self-solemnizing?

Yep! Your officiant doesn’t even have to be ordained to “officiate” your wedding, so there is more room to make your ceremony unique and special by choosing someone who is special to you.

Our original plans got ruined. We want to self-solemnize now and have a traditional wedding later, is this possible?

Absolutely! You’ll just be legally married already at your traditional wedding celebration so there won’t be a need to sign another marriage license or have another ceremony.

Can we have guests at our self-solemnization ceremony?

Yes! This does not affect self-solemnization whatsoever.

Self-solemnizing is such an empowering way to make the best day of your life everything you want it to be and nothing that you don’t. It removes the need for unnecessary, performative “wedding traditions,” letting your day be something special and intentional for the both of you.

Take back your wedding day.

Does self-solemnizing sound perfect for you and bae?

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