Colorado has it all – mountains, snow, lakes, and wildflowers.

What you want to experience on your elopement day will help you decide when the best time to elope in Colorado is. Here are some deets on what you can expect based on the month you’re saying “I do.”

If You Want Snow

For my couples who want to elope in a winter wonderland, the best time to elope in Colorado is December – March. Snow is pretty much guaranteed, especially up in the mountains at a higher elevation. The trails and parks are usually less busy too, so you and bae will have your epic spot all to yourself. All the snow we get in the winter means some roads in the mountains are closed for the season. That makes some elopement locations inaccessible during the winter. If you have your heart set on a spot, make sure you talk with your photographer about it! In the winter, you can expect 0 – 40 degrees up in the mountains, and closer to 50 down in Denver.

P.S. Make sure you check out the end of this blog for info about my weather insurance!

If you like snow, the best time to elope in Colorado is the winter.

If You Love Wildflowers

The best time to elope in Colorado for our gorgeous AF wildflowers is the summer, usually June – August. The state is known for all our sunshine, apparently 360 days every year, plus the nature is green and blooming. A lot of roads that typically close in the winter also start to open up, which means we have more places to explore! Like with most places, summer can get busy out here with everyone on vacation. The national parks are especially crowded, but I have some amazing locations up my sleeve that will guarantee privacy for you and bae. For temperatures, the mountains will be around 70, with closer to 85 down in the city.

If You’re Dreaming of Fall Colors

Attention all leaf peepers – the best time to elope for fall colors is September. PSA: This is the MOST popular month to elope in Colorado, so you best be booking your vendors way in advance! The leaves are starting to change colors and the weather is perfect, but peak colors vary depending on the elevation of your elopement spot. The foothills (lower elevation) have peak colors in early October, but the mountain towns usually starting changing colors in late September.

Because of all the pretty colors, there are always a lot of people out on the trails to see them. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing elopement day, you just might need to be flexible on day of the week and time. Temperatures in the mountains are usually around 65 degrees, and closer to downtown will be around 70.

For fall colors, the best time to elope in Colorado is September.

If You’re Up for Anything

The best time to elope in Colorado for my adventurous, flexible, go-with-the-flow couples is April – May or October – November. It is SO tough to predict the weather during these parts of the year.

April and May are what we call mud season out here. A lot of resort towns are mostly closed because ski season is over, and there is just a ton of mud from all the snowmelt. There are way fewer crowds which is always nice, but you could luck out with a 60-degree sunny day or get caught in a crazy snow storm. I always have a backup plan for my couples during the spring!

October and November are more of the same. Tourists and hikers aren’t out as much during these months, which is amazing if you want a private elopement. But we do start to get snow up in the mountains around October, which can unexpectedly close some roads or make driving too dangerous. Backup plans are also a must during this time.

Keep reading to learn how I provide the best, safest experience for my couples during the uncertain months.

Weather Insurance

Colorado weather can really do the most sometimes, but that’s part of the fun. We roll with it. ALL of my packages come with weather insurance. That includes:

  • Changing locations last minute (I always have plan A, B, and C lined up for my clients)
  • Moving your timeline forward or backward
  • Executing on a backup plan and helping coordinate with vendors

Flexibility comes with elopements and intimate weddings. I’m not about to have clients fly in from another state and make them compromise their photos because Colorado is Colorado. Not here besties.

Learn more about what I include in my packages.

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