It’s so special when friends ask me to photograph their elopement.

They’re letting me into a really big moment in their lives that they’ve chosen to share with no one else except their partner. Emily and I have known each other since middle school, and she told me there was no one else her and Tyler wanted to shoot their Pass Lake elopement. The simple yet intentional sunset ceremony was everything Colorado elopement dreams are made of.

The Details

  • I sadly don’t have a dog, so I get my fix through my couples. Emily and Tyler brought their pupper along for their Pass Lake elopement and he was the CUTEST
  • They got ready together right on the mountain, which was a great way for them to connect before the ceremony. Pass Lake is usually pretty empty, so they had a ton of privacy
  • Pass Lake allows dogs if they’re on a leash, so we used a stake to loop the leash around during their vows. Don’t worry – we made sure it was in an area where the vegetation wouldn’t be damaged
  • After vows, Tyler and Emily had a picnic. Brunch is their favorite meal, and they couldn’t imagine kicking off marriage any other way
  • These two also shared a unity joint, which we all know I love
  • Night photos were a priority for them, so as I planned their day I intentionally set a later start date so they would share vows as the sun started setting behind the mountains

Must Knows

  • Every elopement location is different when it comes to dogs, so always double check before you pick your spot. If having your pup there is important to you, your photographer should know which locations will be a good fit
  • Elopements don’t need to be long and drawn out. Emily and Tyler were able to have a simple and minimalistic day, while still keeping priorities, like evening vows, personal touches to her bouquet, a brunch picnic, and unity J’s
  • My 4-hour package was perfect for what they wanted. Every couple is different, so make intentional choices based on what’s important to you and bae, not what you think you should want.


Are you bringing your doggo to your elopement? I want to get the pics!

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