Engagement season is in full swing!

I’m obsessed with shooting surprise engagements, not only because they turn my heart into mush, but also because they let me pretend I’m a sneaky spy. Will and Emma had been together for a couple years after going paddle boarding as their first date. Will reached out to me a month before he planned to pop the question at Aurora Reservoir, and their paddle board proposal at sunrise was well worth the early wake up call.

The Details

  • Emma and Will love paddle boarding – it’s their thing. They get up early a lot to watch the sunrise from their boards, so Will knew that’s how he wanted to propose
  • Will and I have a mutual friend, Casey, so we got to the reservoir 45 minutes early to set up a picnic on the beach for them before hiding. Have you ever set up a picnic in the pitch black? It’s friggin HARD
  • Emma said yes, we popped out of the bushes, and took some sweet photos of them on the beach

Must Knows

  • Just like I plan elopements, I’ll help you plan your engagement! Picking a location, planning a meal or snack, and setting up – all you should have to worry about is popping the question
  • Will reached out super early, which made it easier for us to work together and plan the details. If you wait until the last minute, you’re only making things harder
  • You won’t see “proposal photography” listed on my website, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it! It’s always worth sending an email or DM to ask. The worst someone can tell you is no

Help me pop the question.

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