Engagement season is in full swing!

I’m obsessed with shooting surprise engagements, not only because they turn my heart into mush, but also because they let me pretend I’m a sneaky spy. Will and Emma had been together for a couple years after going paddle boarding as their first date. Will reached out to me a month before he planned to pop the question at Aurora Reservoir, and their paddle board proposal at sunrise was well worth the early wake up call.

The Details

  • Emma and Will love paddle boarding – it’s their thing. They get up early a lot to watch the sunrise from their boards, so Will knew that’s how he wanted to propose
  • Will and I have a mutual friend, Casey, so we got to the reservoir 45 minutes early to set up a picnic on the beach for them before hiding. Have you ever set up a picnic in the pitch black? It’s friggin HARD
  • Emma said yes, we popped out of the bushes, and took some sweet photos of them on the beach

Must Knows

  • Just like I plan elopements, I’ll help you plan your engagement! Picking a location, planning a meal or snack, and setting up – all you should have to worry about is popping the question
  • Will reached out super early, which made it easier for us to work together and plan the details. If you wait until the last minute, you’re only making things harder
  • You won’t see “proposal photography” listed on my website, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it! It’s always worth sending an email or DM to ask. The worst someone can tell you is no

Help me pop the question.

"Hiring McKenzie to photograph our wedding was single-handedly the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Wedding planning and vendor research was so stressful, and once we had Kenzie, she stepped in as support and helped us with narrowing down things that were important to us and to figure out what we really wanted.  wish we could get married over and over again just to recreate these and work with Kenzie again! "

Nadia + Daniel

"You will not find another wedding photographer who has the McKenzie signature style- she can capture the absolute beauty of the area and people all at once. She can shoot in a variety of settings and lightings and the photos are all gorgeous. One of the main reasons we booked McKenzie was the fact that she showcases a diverse clientele and finds beauty in all beings- something not all photographers can say.As a plus size bride who was extremely worried about looking back at my wedding pictures with dread that I wouldn't look like those gorgeous girlies on Instagram- this meant so much to me. "

Sydnie + Nathan

"When we got engaged, we searched near and far for an elopement photographer - & we met with several different photographers but none felt right until we met McKenzie. My husband, my dog and I are avid hikers - we wanted a beautiful hike and view, but it was also very important that we could be our authentic selves and intimately celebrate our 10 years together in the way we wanted. I'll be honest, I was shy about wanting to elope (ya know, family opinions and such), but McKenzie made us feel so comfortable in our decision. She wholeheartedly welcomed us being.. us! We couldn't have asked for more."

Maranda + Sam