Living in Colorado, you better believe I’m going to be outside as much as I can. Hiking, camping, climbing – I’m down for all the adventures.

A lot of my couples have an adventurous side too, but sometimes that bling on their finger can get in the way. With more and more people getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, here are my top tips for keeping your engagement and wedding rings safe and sparkly AF.

  • Exercising – take that thing off! Materials most rings are made of, like platinum and gold, are softer than you think. That means if you’re doing things that put pressure on your ring, like gripping a rock climbing wall or cranking out push-ups, you could potentially change the shape. If it gets too bent, you could even damage the claws holding your stone in and risk it falling out. If you feel like you need to wear something while you’re breaking a sweat, check out the cheap, synthetic bands on Amazon. They’re a great, safe alternative!
  • Showering – after all that exercise, you best be taking a shower. While it might seem like the shower is a great place to get your ring squeaky clean, oily soaps will actually dull the finish and exfoliating soaps can potentially scratch it. No rings in the shower! If you do need to clean it, most jewelers recommend using warm water with a couple drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes, or even overnight, then give it a quick scrub with a toothbrush before you rinse and pat dry. Easy!

  • Moisturizing – you guys have heard me bitch about how dry it gets out here in Colorado, so I totally get the necessity of lotion. But if you’re rocking a ring on your finger, that lotion can build up and create a layer of film over it. Slip your ring off quick, lotion up, and then pop it back on to keep it looking brand new.
  • Swimming – cue Kim K crying about losing her diamond earrings in the ocean. DO NOT swim with your rings on in the pool and especially in bigger bodies of water. Chlorine can damage or discolor parts of your ring, and cold water can make your fingers “shrink,” which means it’s even easier for it to fall off. Play it safe this summer and keep it away from the pool. Trust me.

Shit happens though, so if your ring does end up getting damaged, go visit a jeweler. They can make sure the prongs are tight, the stone isn’t loose, and there are no cracks anywhere. That’s what they’re there for!

Get that bling insured.


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