So you want to bring your sweet fur babies to your elopement or intimate wedding?

DO IT. I always encourage my couples to bring their doggos if it’s a priority to include them. Plus, it means I get to pretend I have a dog for the day. While it’s fun and cute to have them around, there are some things to consider if you want to have a dog-friendly elopement.


How does your babes behave around others? What are they like in public spaces? It’s really important to understand their anxiety levels so we can make the best plan for your day. If you know your dog is a little skiddish around people or other dogs, we can definitely make intentional plans that allow them to be part of your day without putting them in uncomfortable situations.

Bring a Bestie

Make sure you appoint a person that will be at your special day who can help. I tell all my couples to bring extra hands to make sure their fur babies are always taken care of. If you want a super private dog-friendly elopement with only the two of you, we can definitely make it work, but it’s so much easier when there’s help coming with!

Pack to be Prepared

Bring snacks, plenty of water, comfort items, leashes, and poop bags. Some of these are great to use for a little bribery or during break times to keep them entertained. For leashes, I recommend simple, non-distracting colors so they blend in with your photos. And the poop bags! You’re going to need those to take care of their business, regardless of where we are. Leave No Trace.


For my couples bringing along doggos, I try my best to recommend dog-friendly elopement locations that are more open and not crowded. Unfortunately, Rocky Mountain National Park is not super dog friendly. There is a ton of wildlife there, so dogs are only allowed in certain areas of the park and prohibited from trails and meadows.

Tell me all about your babes in my contact form!

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