It’s engagement season bitches!

Having an engagement session in Colorado is a great way for me and my couples to get to know each other and get super comfy before the elopement day. Erin and Kyle are huge travelers and knew they wanted engagement pictures done while they were out here. They met on the first day of college, but didn’t connect again for another five years! After a few Facebook DMs, they’ve been inseparable ever since.

These two trusted me wholeheartedly and let me pick a location where I don’t get to shoot very often. You know I took advantage and picked an epic spot for some weirdo photos.

Photos of a man and woman in front of a gas station during an engagement session in Colorado

Photos of a couple together in the woods

Photos of a couple walking in an empty road

The Details

  • The location I chose was Echo Lake in Idaho Springs. Kyle and Erin wanted somewhere secluded where there wouldn’t be a ton of eyes on them, so I knew it would be perfect.
  • After engagement pictures at Echo Lake, we went into town to my FAVE old, creepy gas station.
  • The photos we got during their engagement session really captured their personalities. They specifically told me they didn’t want basic B photos, and now they have pictures to remember this special time in their relationship.

Photos of a couple cuddling during their engagement session in Colorado

Must Knows

  • These two wore outfits that captured their personalities and made them feel comfy. Erin’s white heart sunglasses were such a badass moment!
  • I say it all the time, but finding a photographer you trust is a necessity. Erin and Kyle found ya girl on social media and hired me because they trusted me. They didn’t have preconceived ideas on what their photos should look like, and there was no Pinterest board involved. My dream couple.
  • They were down for anything, which made their engagement session in Colorado such a fun experience for all of us.

Photos of a couple in the woods

The best questions to find a photographer you trust.

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