Are you guys tired of hearing me talk about hybrid elopements yet?

I sure friggin hope not, because I’m obsessed with them. Brittany and Bryan came up from Texas for their Garden of the Gods hybrid elopement. They had a mix of traditional and personal elements that made this day special for their little family of four.

The Details

  • Bryan and Brittany, along with their two sons, rented an Airbnb in Colorado Springs that overlooked Pikes Peak, which was badass. To keep planning as stress free as possible, their family was responsible for finding their own lodging.
  • In keeping with a traditional ceremony, they had a wedding party stand up with them and also hired an officiant. Remember – Colorado doesn’t require officiants, but sometimes my couples will still choose to have one to make the ceremony run smoother.
  • Brittany’s bouquet was made by her grandma. It was gorgeous and such a special touch.
  • A non-traditional detail I LOVED was they asked everyone to wear black. The dark color made her stand out like crazy and created some amazing pictures.
  • After the ceremony and some alone time taking pictures, everyone headed to an intimate dinner at ViewHouse in Colorado Springs. They had a private space where they did the traditional dances – bride and groom, bride and father, groom and mother.
  • Their dinner also had a touch of non-traditional (are we picking up on a theme here?). They rocked their sweats! It was important for them to hang out with their family, but they also wanted it to be on their own terms. I fully support the comfy vibes.

Must Knows

  • If you couldn’t tell, it was important for Bryan and Brittany to have time with their family, but they also really wanted private time together. We got that hybrid aspect by creating an itinerary that included boundaries. After the ceremony, family were instructed to hang out together until dinner while we explored Garden of the Gods alone.
  • During our alone time, these two enjoyed a picnic, smoked some joints, and soaked in what had just happened.
  • You can still have traditional elements while incorporating your personality and values into your day! No rules – your hybrid elopement should reflect you and bae.
  • You do NOT need a permit to elope at Garden of the Gods, which makes it a super popular spot. You likely won’t have any privacy here, so keep that in mind if you want something more intimate.


More hybrid elopements plz!

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