A lot of the elopements and intimate weddings I shoot are in the Front Range.

That’s what we call the portion of the Southern Rocky Mountains located in central Colorado. They’re beautiful and a quickish drive from downtown Denver. BUT, buddies, don’t be afraid to venture out of the Front Range! Becky and Josh came in from Missouri for an elopement in Crested Butte, tucked into the Elk Mountain Range about four hours from Denver.

The Details

  • Including their dogs was a priority, so instead of flying they road tripped from Missouri!
  • The trail we picked required some off-roading, so we all rode in Josh’s truck until it wasn’t safe to be driving anymore. We hiked the rest of the way up.
  • Becky was super torn between wearing a traditional, white dress and saying “fuck it” and rocking a black dress. I told her to wear both! She wore white for their elopement in Crested Butte and then changed into black after, which was kick ass.
  • After enjoying a little picnic along the road, we headed back into town. I saw a parking lot (which I’ve seen tons of times before) and asked them to pull in. The way the light was casting on the mountains was beautiful, so even though we were done with our day I asked them if we could take a few more photos. The shots ended up being some of Becky and Josh’s favorites!

Must Knows

  • Crested Butte is a pretty remote mountain town, around four hours away from Denver. It’s super well known for their skiing, but it’s also known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado because the flowers POP OFF in July.
  • The drive out there is gorgeous, and it’s one of my favorite towns. They have great shopping, yummy restaurants, and something for everyone.
  • If you and bae want to get out of the Front Range and experience the Western Slope (the mountains west of the Continental Divide), I highly recommend Crested Butte.
  • Because it’s higher up in altitude, there will be snow up there earlier than other places. Becky and Josh got married in October and there was already snow!
  • Their parking lot photos really speak to how beautiful Colorado is. No one ever believes me when I say they were taken in a parking lot. Believe it, bitches!
  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred freakin times. Trust. Your. Photographer. Josh and Becky wouldn’t have some of their favorite photos if they didn’t believe in my vision and pull into that parking lot.


I want to explore the Western Slope with Kenz!

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