Sometimes my couples want to avoid off-roading to get to their elopement location in the mountains.

But KC and John were different! John has a lot of experience off-roading, so when they called and said they wanted to incorporate it into their day, I said BET. We found an epic spot for their ceremony, and this coal mine elopement in Keystone is one I’ll always remember.

The Details

  • These two stayed at an Airbnb in Keystone. They got ready separately and did their first look right outside.
  • We found a great off-roading trail in Keystone that led up to an old coal mine. It was such a unique place to say vows!
  • KC wore a green dress and I loveeeeeeed it. She said it felt weird to wear white, and the green she chose complimented her skin tone amazingly. It also matched the evergreen trees. Chef’s kiss.
  • After their ceremony, we went back down to a lower altitude for a picnic and took some more photos in a field nearby.
  • John and KC also wanted to incorporate tattoos into their day. These two were speaking my language. They got tatted at Blue Heron Tattoo in Frisco and then shared a unity joint after.

Must Knows

  • Altitude sickness is real, friends. KC got a little sick while we were at the coal mine, but thankfully she had some Dramamine with her. We also went down to the picnic sooner than planned so she could be at lower altitude and eat some snacks.
  • If there are special things you want to incorporate into your day, make sure you let me know so we can plan ahead. We made appointments at the tattoo shop well in advance instead of just walking in and hoping for the best.
  • Make your day your own! KC had a special ritual she wanted to incorporate that involved lighting some herbs, which they then hung in their house as artwork. I’ve never seen it done before, and I loved that they weren’t afraid to make their Keystone elopement unique to them.


Tell me what unique thing you’d add to your day!

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