My couples get me in my feels all the time.

But nothing does it more than helping them elope in a place that means a lot to them, even if it’s not in Colorado. That’s the beauty of elopements – you can make so many intentional decisions that just wouldn’t happen in a traditional wedding. Ashley and Treal’s special place is Austin, Texas, and they flew me out to capture their Sekrit Theater elopement.

These two met online, and when they first started talking Treal lived in Miami and Ashley was in Texas. Austin was always their meeting point, so it became their “place.” When they first came to me, the plan was to get married in Miami. But as time went on, they decided it just made more sense to do it in Austin at Sekrit Theater.

The Details

  • The elopement day was modeled after their very first date in Austin, which made it extra special to be part of.
  • We started with their ceremony at Sekrit Theater. THIS PLACE. It’s essentially a house that was transformed into a photographer’s paradise. The majority of their photos were shot there, and I’d die to go back and shoot another Sekrit Theater elopement.
  • After the ceremony, we headed downtown to grab some pictures in front of some of their favorite murals.
  • To honor their first date, dinner was at Torchy’s Tacos! You better believe I inhaled some fried avocado tacos.
  • In news that should shock no one, I got a little spontaneous and asked if we could take some grungy pictures on top of a parking garage my hotel room overlooked. We had so much fun and got epic photos with downtown Austin as the backdrop.
  • To end the night, we celebrated with cake in their hotel room.

Must Knows

  • Ashley and Treal stayed true to themselves and wore exactly what they wanted. Treal didn’t feel comfortable in a gown, so she wore a sick suit. Ashley didn’t think a white dress was her vibe, so she chose black. Badass decisions all around.
  • Aside from having photos to look back on, I love when couples find other ways to remember their wedding day. These two got matching, personalized Vans! Now whenever they wear those shoes, they’ll remember how special their elopement at Sekrit Theater was.
  • Picture me, standing on my soapbox. Trust your photographers, buddies! I spied the parking garage the night before when I was looking out my hotel room window. There were so many other photographers there throughout the night that I knew it had to be something special. It could’ve been totally lame, but Treal and Ashley trusted me which led to some sick photos!


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