Imagine walking into work with a whole new team of people you’ve never met before.

With the end goal of coordinating a dream day within 24 hours. That’s what it’s like being a traveling wedding and elopement photographer. It can be challenging, but working with a team I’ve never met before is SO exciting – it allows me to make new, talented friends in the industry that can provide services to my future couples. I only want the best of the best for them.  

Videography is a must for your wedding day.

Since I’ve started working full-time in Colorado, I’ve met some AMAZING videographers capturing my couple’s elopements. I know it may seem like just another bill to pay, and when you have a photographer, do you really need video too? My answer – 1,000% YES. If you can afford it, I always recommend hiring a videographer, whether you’re eloping in front of your dog or getting married in front of 300 people. Here are my top reasons why:

  • You’ll get to relive your day over and over, whenever you want. Some memories are bound to fade over the years, so having every moment on film is legit priceless.
  • Your day will fly by – trust me. I’ve heard this from my couples too many times to count. There are things you’ll miss, like a family member’s reaction when you say your vows, that a videographer can capture for you.
  • Especially if you’re eloping with just you and bae, a video will let you share your special memories with your family who weren’t there, whether in person or through social media.
  • Some things, like vows and toasts from family members, can’t be captured in photography. Videographers will capture those special words and make sure it’s a moment you’ll never forget.
  • Great videographers are trained to be “invisible,” so if you feel like you won’t be your natural-self with a camera around, don’t let that stop you! You’ll honestly forget they’re even there.

Pictured: Castlehouse Videography

But don’t just take it from me! Quite a few of my couples have chosen to have a videographer at their elopement, and I asked them why they thought videography is a must. Here’s what they said:

“Videography was a must for us because it was the most authentic way for us to fully document our marriage for our family and friends. It was important to us that our day was everything we truly wanted it to be, and as it turned out, that very much meant that it needed to just be us present on that day. That can be tricky to navigate hurt feelings for family that loves us, supports us, encourages us, and felt that they deserved to bear witness to the joining of our lives. Choosing to have videography allowed us to give something precious and sacred to them, while still honoring who we are and what memories we wanted to have. There’s something magical about having film of the most precious moments, throwing snow, dancing, the wind blowing, the sun twinkling through; a great photographer will give you pictures that DO do it justice, but film, it can transport you in a way that’s almost unexplainable.

We would have regretted not having film. We might not have made room in our budget for much, but properly documenting our day was the most important item on our checklist, and I am so thankful that we stuck to that decision.”

Jessie & Shane, Videography by Caits Photo See their Video Here

Videography was a must because we knew pairing video with photography even for a short time was absolutely essential. Being in a beautiful state like Colorado, away from home, in a beautiful setting, video is so powerful to put us right back into those emotions and feelings we were experiencing. The emotional tone in our voice, the smiles we exchanged back and forth throughout the ceremony, and the celebratory clapping from our families ties video with photography that I don’t know how we didn’t make the choice sooner.

Absolutely, we would have regretted not having a videographer, and here’s why. It’s part of our family video collection now. We both grew up on VHS and home movies and we are so happy we get to share this video as part of our collection as our family expands and grows in the future.”

John & Jessica, Videography by Castlehouse Videography View their Video Here

Pictured: Tasha Joy Media

If you can’t even think of where to start when it comes to planning your elopement, let alone how to find a videographer, don’t stress! When you hire me as your photographer, I double as your planner and have tons of connections in the Denver area, including some bomb videographers (oh hey Tasha Joy MediaCastlehouse Videography, & Canyon Creation Studio). Let me help!


"Hiring McKenzie to photograph our wedding was single-handedly the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Wedding planning and vendor research was so stressful, and once we had Kenzie, she stepped in as support and helped us with narrowing down things that were important to us and to figure out what we really wanted.  wish we could get married over and over again just to recreate these and work with Kenzie again! "

Nadia + Daniel

"You will not find another wedding photographer who has the McKenzie signature style- she can capture the absolute beauty of the area and people all at once. She can shoot in a variety of settings and lightings and the photos are all gorgeous. One of the main reasons we booked McKenzie was the fact that she showcases a diverse clientele and finds beauty in all beings- something not all photographers can say.As a plus size bride who was extremely worried about looking back at my wedding pictures with dread that I wouldn't look like those gorgeous girlies on Instagram- this meant so much to me. "

Sydnie + Nathan

"When we got engaged, we searched near and far for an elopement photographer - & we met with several different photographers but none felt right until we met McKenzie. My husband, my dog and I are avid hikers - we wanted a beautiful hike and view, but it was also very important that we could be our authentic selves and intimately celebrate our 10 years together in the way we wanted. I'll be honest, I was shy about wanting to elope (ya know, family opinions and such), but McKenzie made us feel so comfortable in our decision. She wholeheartedly welcomed us being.. us! We couldn't have asked for more."

Maranda + Sam