To this day, I’m still hit with a little disbelief when such badass people hire me to capture their most special memories.

It’s really an honor for me, so I’m ALWAYS willing to do what I can to accommodate special requests from my couples. For Emily and Chandler’s Buena Vista intimate wedding, we made some intentional choices to make sure all their doggos could participate in their day.

These two train dogs for a living, so it was a huge priority to have their puppers with them during their intimate wedding. It was also extremely important that I was open to working with one of their most reactive dogs who is a little skiddish around newbies. We made it work and it was a perfect day for my pup-loving heart.

The Details

  • They rented a dog-friendly Airbnb right off Cottonwood Hot Springs, so they had their own private little hot spring which they made part of getting ready in the morning.
  • Their intentional alone time in the hot tub was my FAVE. They popped a bottle of champagne and just spent some time together before they helped each other get ready.
  • The location for their intimate wedding, Cottonwood Pass, is also dog friendly. There is an area where the reactive dog safely stayed in the car while they said vows. Don’t worry, we could see his little face the whole time!
  • Having their friends and family included was also important to Emily and Chandler. Cottonwood Pass was the perfect spot because it’s right off a parking lot, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Must Knows

  • Buena Vista is such an underrated spot. It’s got those down home, mountain town vibes with lots of activities like off-roading and hiking. If you want an adventurous elopement or intimate wedding, PLEASE look into Buena Vista.
  • Cottonwood Pass is a great spot if you want to include family. It’s an easy drive up and over a mountain, and you can legit get married right off the parking lot.
  • Emily and Chandler said “I do” in September. It was around 60 degrees in Buena Vista, but Cottonwood Pass is at 12,100 feet of elevation. It was COLD. Always be aware of how drastically the temperature can change if you’re up at higher altitudes.
  • The intentional choices these two made are what intimate weddings are all about. They were able to include all their dogs without putting them in uncomfortable situations, brought along their closest friends and family, and started their morning in a friggin’ hot spring.


What intentional choices would you make for YOUR elopement?

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