I believe engagement photos are a reflection of you and bae’s relationship. 

You should never feel like your photos HAVE to look a certain way or be taken in a certain place. That’s bullshit. Engagement photos capture such a special time in a couples’ relationship, so your personalities and special interests should be front and center. After I talked with Jazmin and Joe, we decided an in-home engagement session would be perfect for them. Their session was basically a stay-at-home date night, and I’m obsessed with how their photos turned out.

The Details

  • Joe and Jazmin are both relatively introverted, so they spend a lot of time in their apartment. Add in their sweet new fur baby, and we knew choosing an in-home engagement session was the best option. 
  • I would call this session more of a hybrid, where I took both film and digital photos. 
  • When they’re at home, Jazmin and Joe love sharing drinks together and hanging out with their pupper, so we made sure to take photos of them doing those things!
  • The light coming through the blinds was so fun for me to play with. Even though we took photos during the day, I experimented with flash too. Between the film, flash, and natural lighting, they have a ton of different photo options to choose from.

Must Knows

  • These two really used their in-home engagement session as a way to capture a moment in time. Eventually they’ll move out of that apartment, so these photos are a sweet way for them to remember that time and place in their relationships. More of this please!
  • If you’re on the fence about taking engagement photos in your home, don’t be! There are so many ways I can pose you to maximize your space. Hiring a photographer that knows how to manipulate lighting can also make your photos look and feel like you’re somewhere else. Work with a photographer you trust, and you’ll be in good hands.
  • I’ve been loving film photos recently, so I was freakin’ pumped to take them for this session. If you want film and digital photos when working with me, we can definitely discuss it!
  • Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to skimp on outfit changes. Joe and Jazmin both rocked two different outfits to show off their style and personalities. 

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