The details of your intimate wedding or elopement are what make your special day uniquely yours.

Your location, vows, and even who you choose to invite are all a reflection of you and bae as a couple. Another small but important detail are your elopement florals, if you choose to have them. There are no rules for elopements, so if you don’t want flowers you can totally skip them.

For my floral-loving couples, creating the perfect elopement florals isn’t always easy. Here are some things to consider when thinking about what you want.

What’s in season?

There are certain flowers that are “in season.” Double check what those will be for your big day! Sunflowers are legit from May – November, tulips are perfect November – May, and roses bloom all year round. If you have your heart set on a flower that isn’t in season during your date, it may still be an option. If it is, just keep in mind it’ll be more expensive to include in your bouquet or arrangements.

Leave it to the pros

Making bouquets and floral arrangements is an ART. I know it’s tempting to save some money and make your own, but I strongly encourage my couples to opt out of a DIY floral moment. The pros know what they’re doing. They can find the perfect shades to match whatever you want and will know how to deal with any emergencies so you don’t have to stress about it.

Know your options

It’s 2023 and floral options have gotten wild. Now you can choose alternatives like silk flowers, that photograph like the real shit. I’m serious! Check out The Faux Bouquet for the real deal.

Silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real deal and will look the same on your 50th anniversary as they do on the big day.

Keep us in the loop

PLEASE for everyone’s sanity coordinate the arrival of your elopement florals with your photographer. This helps us get pictures of them with your other details, like rings, shoes, and vows, before it’s go time.

If you’re heading out to Denver for your elopement, I love these local baddies for florals!

Before you pick your elopement florals, you better book your photog!

"Hiring McKenzie to photograph our wedding was single-handedly the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Wedding planning and vendor research was so stressful, and once we had Kenzie, she stepped in as support and helped us with narrowing down things that were important to us and to figure out what we really wanted.  wish we could get married over and over again just to recreate these and work with Kenzie again! "

Nadia + Daniel

"You will not find another wedding photographer who has the McKenzie signature style- she can capture the absolute beauty of the area and people all at once. She can shoot in a variety of settings and lightings and the photos are all gorgeous. One of the main reasons we booked McKenzie was the fact that she showcases a diverse clientele and finds beauty in all beings- something not all photographers can say.As a plus size bride who was extremely worried about looking back at my wedding pictures with dread that I wouldn't look like those gorgeous girlies on Instagram- this meant so much to me. "

Sydnie + Nathan

"When we got engaged, we searched near and far for an elopement photographer - & we met with several different photographers but none felt right until we met McKenzie. My husband, my dog and I are avid hikers - we wanted a beautiful hike and view, but it was also very important that we could be our authentic selves and intimately celebrate our 10 years together in the way we wanted. I'll be honest, I was shy about wanting to elope (ya know, family opinions and such), but McKenzie made us feel so comfortable in our decision. She wholeheartedly welcomed us being.. us! We couldn't have asked for more."

Maranda + Sam