We eloped in Colorado, but what do we do now?

One of the questions I get the most from my couples is what to do after eloping. With traditional weddings, it’s pretty standard – the couple is whisked away to take photos, the family goes to cocktail hour, the happy couple shows up to start dinner, and then everyone hits the dance floor before heading home. But what should you do after a much smaller event, like an elopement or intimate wedding? The possibilities are endless, and it’s totally up to you! Based on my previous couples, here are some of my fave things to do after eloping.  

Camping Trip

This can be such an awesome escape after saying “I do.” A nice campfire is a fun way to relax at an epic location while soaking up all that Colorado has to offer. I’ve even heard of some couples hiring a local band to sing around the campfire. Don’t you dare forget the s’mores. Check out these amazing camping spots.

Hire a Private Chef

A lot of my hybrid elopement couples rent an Airbnb and hire a private chef to cook afterward for their guests! Hiring a private chef is more affordable than you think, and it’s a great experience for everyone involved to have an intimate, memorable dinner to celebrate. I have a personal partnership with a Private Chef that works with my couples – ask me about how to contact them!

Make It a Vacation

There’s something special about your first trip together as a married couple. Since you’re already in Colorado, you might as well turn your trip into a full on vacation. There are so many places here you can drive that are only a few hours from Denver. My favorite locations within Colorado are:

Low-Key Night

I never want my couples to feel pressured to do anything that doesn’t fit their personality. So if you don’t want to do anything special, you don’t have to! Some couples choose just to head back to their hotel or Airbnb, soak up some alone time in a hot tub, play some games, order pizza, and then cuddle up on the couch before passing out from their exciting day.

Host a small party

A majority of my couples aren’t from here, so after eloping in Colorado they hop on a flight back home. To celebrate their marriage with close friends and family who weren’t at their elopement, some choose to bring everyone together for a small party once they’re home. You can do something casual like pizza and beer or go fancier with a catered dinner and drinks – it’s totally up to you. 

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