You guys have been up my butt about dropping more photos from this summer elopement. 

I get it. A summer elopement in Colorado is beautiful to begin with, let alone when you add in the editorial vibes that Mick and McKenna were serving. I’m here to give the people what they want, so buckle up besties. This hybrid elopement was one that still lives rent free in my brain.

The Details

  • The bulk of McKenna and Mick’s summer elopement was at Brainard Lake, which is a little ways past Boulder. It’s about an hour drive from Denver.
  • Something unique about this elopement was that I met these two at the lake. Usually I start elopement days wherever the couple is getting ready, but Mick and McKenna weren’t super concerned about capturing getting ready photos. They valued more time at their ceremony spot, so that’s what we did.
  • Right after saying vows it started to POUR, which is a typical afternoon in the summer here. We waited it out in the car, and 10 minutes later we had beautiful blue skies. Just look at the difference in the photos!
  • Like I said earlier, these two are super into editorial photos. They wanted elopement photos that were more posed and could hang in their home as pieces of art. Say less.
  • They also love the film look, so that was another component I focused on during their day. Mick even brought along a Polaroid camera, so I was able to use that and capture special moments for them throughout the day.
  • After an intentional afternoon alone, we drove to an Airbnb McKenna and Mick rented for their friends and family. Everyone sat down for the most gorgeous intimate dinner, made special for them by a private chef. Once everyone was done eating, we took family photos and then snuck off to grab some final photos on an empty road.
  • To end the night, these two did something I’ve never experienced before. They hired a murder-mystery company, who came to the house and hosted a murder-mystery game for them! It honestly looked like so much fun, and I was bummed I had to leave before the game was over. 

Must Knows

  • A summer elopement in Colorado can be beautiful, but it also brings random AF weather. If you’re eloping here in June – August, you should be prepared to have a thunderstorm roll through in the afternoon. It’s insane, but that’s just how summers are here.
  • Sometimes it can be easy to forget about all the nature around when we’re so focused on the excitement of an elopement or intimate wedding. When we were at Brainard Lake, a moose actually photobombed Mick and McKenna’s ceremony. It was too far away to capture on camera, but always remember that YOU are a guest when out in nature. Don’t be an idiot, and always Leave No Trace.
  • I’m a sucker for a hybrid elopement, and these two planned theirs perfectly. It gave them plenty of alone time throughout the day, but also included family without having to compromise on wanting to say vows alone.
  • I am here to help make your day exactly how you want. Mick and McKenna didn’t want getting ready photos, and that was totally cool! Just because something is the “norm,” doesn’t mean it’s required. As your photographer, I’ll create a package that includes everything you want and nothing you don’t.


More of my ranting about how much I love hybrid elopements.

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