Understanding my couples’ personalities and needs is so important to me.

Something I don’t see photographers talking about enough is how to create a great elopement experience for our couples who are introverted. When I talked to Amber and Coltan about their Breckenridge elopement, they made it clear they wanted something super simple and private. We owe our couples the space to just “be,” and it was an honor to provide that for these two.

A couple shares vows in the mountains for their Breckenridge elopement.

A couple enjoys a picnic along a river after their Breckenridge elopement.

The Details

  • Coltan and Amber chose my three-hour package, which was the perfect amount of time for the Breckenridge elopement experience they wanted.
  • We started the day at Loveland Pass for very private vows and photos.
  • After that, we went back down to Keystone where they enjoyed a picnic along the Snake River. I could tell they were both a bit anxious and nervous leading up to vows, so the picnic was the perfect chance to slow down and relax.
  • Then it was off to get some artsy pictures in the woods, which you know I loved. The sun was peeking through the trees, and the images capture their personalities perfectly.
  • To end the day, Amber and Coltan did a quick outfit change before heading out for a celebratory drink. Changing into street clothes allowed them to avoid any attention they would’ve gotten in their elopement outfits.

A couple enters a bar after their Breckenridge elopement.

Must Knows

  • To my couples – you deserve space on your elopement day. If your photographer can’t provide that because they don’t have the proper equipment, I would encourage you and bae to keep looking. While Coltan and Amber shared vows, I kept my distance so I couldn’t hear what they were saying and they wouldn’t notice me as much while I was shooting. Because I invest in my equipment, I still delivered images that looked like I was right next to them.
  • There are all kinds of different ways to elope, so don’t be afraid to make your day exactly what you want. It doesn’t have to be a full day ordeal if you don’t want it to be, and outfit changes are always an option. It’s your day – don’t forget that.

Self-solemnization is another option for ultimate privacy.

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