Lily Lake Intimate Wedding at Rocky Mountain National Park

This blog is for all the couples who really want to elope but couldn’t imagine not having their most important people there as well. News Flash: You can elope with family & Friends! Hannah & Clayton came from Indiana to do that recently and they don’t regret one thing.

Lily Lake makes for the most perfect spot for your Intimate wedding with friends or family requiring no hiking & has parking nearby. About 1.5 Hours from Denver is Estes Park, home to Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park houses some of the most gorgeous views Colorado has to offer without traveling too far from the airport. Estes Park is known for its abundance of wildlife and lively mountain town activities. With tons of hiking, adventure, drivable views, & cabins – there is something to do for anyone coming along to your Rocky Mountain Intimate Wedding.

Lily Lake does require a $300 permit and permits for Rocky Mountain National Park locations go FAST. They’ve released 1 year in advance & usually sell out within the day with limits on how many permits are granted.

Here are some tips for planning your Rocky Mountain National Park:

  • The permit grants you access to your ceremony location for your vows but you’re welcome to take photos anywhere in the park afterward!
  • You will have to pay admission of $25 to enter the park. If you’re a national park fanatic like me, go ahead and get the Year long National Park Pass which is $80. It pays off quick!
  • There are 12 Ceremony Sites to choose from that you can view here. These sites are specifically designated to decrease foot traffic in locations and keep ceremonies organized.
  • Avoid planning your ceremony for popular visit dates such as holidays, spring break, & other times that school may be off. Weekdays are always a rule of thumb because of the popularity of the park.
  • Weather can be unpredictable at high elevations. Keep this in mind when packing.
  • All 2021 Permits have already been issued and there are no more available.

Places to check out in Estes Park:


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Claudia and Jose

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Tori and Tyler

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Brooke and Abhay

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