The best thing I ever did for my business was stopped being a photographer and started being an art director.

I'm using my background as a college art professor to help you look at your work in a new way. With the artist's lens, you'll be able to create compositions that are new, fresh, and true to you and your clients—rather than using the same old poses you keep seeing recycled on Pinterest.

mckenzie bigliazzi education is for photographers who:

  • give a shit about their client experience
  • truly want to stand out in the industry
  • are tired of the same old shit 

let's transform this industry together.

it's time to stop relying on pinterest and start creating your own original work.

McKenzie Bigliazzi Supports Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ Community.


I'm not going to bullshit you - I'm frustrated with a lot of the posing courses out there. If you've seen it, I've taken it. Most available courses use models & don't explain their creative process. I didn't hire a camera man to follow me around and hope you just get it. This course is different because:
  • It's taught by an Ex-Art Professor (Yes, ya girl) - Get ready for a crash course in art fundamentals homies.
  • All couples & body types are represented
  • Breakdown of my inspo process - I don't pull this shit out of my ass.

this ain't your average posing course.

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It's important to understand where I'm coming from when I'm posing couples. I believe posing is so much more than knowing where people should put their hands - it's becoming an art director. Letting the art in composition come out through posing & clear direction.

01. posing philosophy

Guess what - I don't pull this shit out of my ass. Sure, I went to art school and I'm just a little naturally weird tbh. My creative process depends heavily on inspiration from the world around me. I'm going to break down my inspo process and help you find yours.

02. finding inspiration

Providing you with:
  • Additional Reading material for further learning
  • Couples Questionnaire
  • Visualization Meeting Questionnaire
  • Next Steps Checklist

03. free resources

We have purpose behind the framing of our art work. Whether you have noticed or not, you're continuously making artistic decisions to create compositions. I teach you how to tap into that Quality over Quantity space that lives in all of you. Creating intentional composition to story tell.

04. intentional composition

Prepping for a session sets me up for success. My prep is more than making sure my batteries are charged and I know where I'm going. I turn this process inside-out to expose how much *actually* goes into creating imagery unique to each person I work with.

05. session prep

All my tricks + tools I keep in my fanny pack are a big part of why my images stand out among the rest. I provide a PDF with clickable links to the tools I use to keep things fresh af.

06. what's in my bag

Have you ever seen a photograph I've posted to Instagram and thought "Damn I wish I knew more about how she got this" - well you're in luck buddy. 1.5hrs of me walking through imagery, explaining background, how I prepared, and what aspects I keep in mind while creating the composition.

07. gallery walk-throughs

Kara is an LGBTQ+ wedding and elopement photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She's here to shake up the wedding industry by bringing visibility to the nontraditional. She takes us into her world to train us how to be more inclusive to all types of couples in both business and posing techniques.

08. kara hunter content

Here's what's covered in this course:

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Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you choose to stay complacent that's between you and black jesus - but the only person who's going to grow your business is you.

Here's how much it costs: $555
Payment plan: 2 Payments of $300 


"Stepping into McKenzie's presence, I knew I was in safe hands. I can imagine this is exactly how all her clients feel also! She's so welcoming, funny, quirky & downright talented. She is a LEADER! She works from the very bottom of her heart and soul to connect with people around her, and this is the entire reason that her art is as beautiful as she is a person. I feel so Inspired."

- Kenzi St George Photography

"I Feel so inspired"

"She worked with me on creating a time blocking schedule for a work life balance between my photography business and my 9 to 5 job! The skills she taught me have been super helpful and it's actually been a blast to apply them to my ever-changing schedule. We also talked about brand and I'm super excited to working toward my dream brand that feels totally me. McKenzie is such an amazing teacher and I'm so excited to continue learning from her for years to come."
Megan J Photo

 "I was skeptical about doing a mentorship because I have never had any ground breaking progress but let me tell you... McKenzie is worth EVERY cent! She provides a lesson and presentation with you and gives you homework. Holding me accountable was the best thing for me. I have made more progress in the last few weeks than I have this YEAR! She is literally a genius. Her methods and break downs changed the game! She is always responsive to my emails even after the session and that shows me how much she really cares about her mentees."
Hannah, Sapphire Heart Photography

"I had never attended any type of workshop in person before so was really unsure of what to expect but from the first minute stepping into McKenzie's presence, I knew I was in safe hands. I can imagine this is exactly how all her clients feel also! She's so welcoming, funny, quirky & downright talented. McKenzie is a LEADER! She works from the very bottom of her heart and soul to connect with people around her, and this is the entire reason that her art is as beautiful as she is a person."
Kenzie St George Photography

"What drew me to McKenzie in the first place was how relatable she was, and she kept that same energy in our meeting. She created safe, judgement free environment that made me feel like I wasn’t an outsider in this huge, incredibly talented photography realm. She was more than helpful with all of my questions and concerns. We discussed all things branding, found my niche, and created a motto for my business! McKenzie even gave me additional advice and resources for topics we didn’t get a chance to cover, but knew I was interested in."
Jess J Photography

Kara Hunter (She/Her) is an LGBTQ+ wedding and elopement photographer - here to shake up the wedding industry, telling the stories that have previously been disregarded. She focuses on providing space for the LGBTQ+ community by prioritizing comfort and safety in her photography. She'll be covering: 
  • Mindset when working with LGBTQ+ couples
  • How to prep for your session
  • Posing examples + sample gallery


but wait!

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stop being a photographer.

the art director within you is having so much FOMO for all the potential works of art you could be creating.