make more sales without sounding like a car sales person.






CLIENT CENTERED SELLING: Create a selling process that doesn't revolve around money and more around your client who wants to invest in you.

CREATE A PROPOSAL: I have provided proposal template that you can customize for your own business. All attendees get access to this for free. This proposal template helps organize your process, packages, and conversation.

HOW TO VISUALLY SELL: We are no longer sending pricing in an email and crossing our fingers - you deserve a business you're sure of.  I will take you through my personal visual selling process that you can take and adapt to your business.

A REAL LIFE CONSULT: Unlike courses I've taught before, I decided to take it a step further and record one of my client consults so you can see how I handle conversation and flow throughout my visual selling process. I'm revealing all my "secrets"

"I feel a connection with clients but they aren't booking as much as i would like" 

^dis you? take the course

And being a sales person fucking blows. It's not something that comes natural and it's not something you considered to be part of the deal when you decided to make your passion your career. After a lot of continued trial and error, I've created a sales process that most clients book within 48 hours.

I've seen so many talented people have to get 2+ jobs to support their business and it breaks my damn heart. So I decided to do something about it. When I created this course I had every person who's told me they don't feel like they're enough for the industry, at the center of the curriculum. 9 times out of 10 - their talent is not lacking, it's their sales skills. Here I am - turning my sales process inside-out in hopes that it helps you.

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Hi i'm kenzie, I'll be your educator

Should I attend if I'm not a wedding photog?

Yes! The center of this course is based on in-person consultations - great for people selling services and want to base their sales process more on their client connection!