CULTIVATE: To foster the growth of; to improve by labor, care or study; to seek the society of : make friends with. 

The Cultivate Experience is an affordable education program for the progressive photographer created by myself and Victoria Saint Martin.

College isn't for everyone. Everyone has a right to learn, not just the elite. 


Let's be honest, everyone is an educator now. Having my master's in education, I understand the different learning types. I understand how to break ideas down and create a safe space for questions that encourages an even deeper understanding. Both Victoria & I have paid for mentorships that SUCKED. We created a platform that isn't only affordable but won't bamboozle you. Unleash that fearless photog badass, you deserve this.

you don't want the industry passing you by. you're here because you're sick of industry professionals leading you in the wrong direction. you're here because the traditional institution doesn't fit your needs or maybe it's just too damn expensive.

we want you to learn.
we want you to succeed.
we want you to grow.
we want you to cultivate.


Mentorships are always available. Shoot either of us an email to get started. 1:1 Mentorships not your style? Check out our workshops below.

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still not sure?

We get it! We spend a lot of years thinking that we could do this on our own. I don't need anyone else's help, fuck that. News flash sis, you do. These classes are not places where we will make you feel bad for what you don't know. We started at the mf BOTTOM. We know what it's like to be scared to ask a question because you're fearful of some asshole who forgot where they came from is going to flip out on you. We are not that asshole.

"She created safe, judgement free environment that made me feel like I wasn’t an outsider in this huge, incredibly talented photography realm. She was more than helpful with all of my questions and concerns. We discussed all things branding, found my niche, and created a motto for my business! McKenzie even gave me additional advice and resources for topics we didn’t get a chance to cover, but knew I was interested in. This will definitely NOT be my last mentorship with McKenzie."
- Jess J Photography

"She worked with me on creating a time blocking schedule for a work life balance between my photography business and my 9 to 5 job! The skills she taught me have been super helpful and it's actually been a blast to apply them to my ever-changing schedule. We also talked about brand and I'm super excited to working toward my dream brand that feels totally me. McKenzie is such an amazing teacher and I'm so excited to continue learning from her for years to come."
- Megan J Photo

"Not only did I create a brand for myself but this entire experience pushed me to figure out even more that I felt clueless about. She is always responsive to my emails even after the session and that shows me how much she really cares about her mentees. I need that! Her honesty, brilliance and all around amazing energy got me to where I am and I am so thankful. I know I will be booking many more with her. As she always says - "why should people invest in you if you won't invest in your education" and I 100% believe in that and HER. She is the truth. Thank you Kenzie for the best thing that's happened for me in months!!!"
- Hannah, Sapphire Heart Photography

"Before my mentorship with her I did not have a clear brand for my business or a direction of where I was heading and how to find and attract clients. She had put a lot of time into preparing for our time together (she had looked at my website, instagram, and done some research on my particular industry). We spent time really honing in on what my brand is and how to communicate that on my social media and my website. After my time with her, I felt like I finally had the direction I needed and my excitement, love and enthusiasm for what I do increased so much."
- Sadie Jane Photos

"I've done quite a few other mentor sessions with a variety of other educators not only specific to photography, but CRMs and business. NONE of them even came close to being as valuable as my session with McKenzie. I learned so much that I didn't know before and it wasn't generalized garbage you hear over and over from everyone. I think the thing that truly made Mckenzie stand out overall and came to light most during our session was her teaching background. The way she guided the conversation and *asked ME questions* to get me thinking, really was helpful."
- Rhonda, Sage Brush Souls Photography