After getting that bling today for Valentine’s Day, you might be looking for ways to make your elopement extra special.

A common misconception about eloping is that you’ll lose all the special moments that is commonly associated with large traditional weddings. Both types of weddings have their special moments, but I think with the freedom that comes with eloping, you can make your elopement super special without all the micromanaging from outside parties.

Jessie & Shane came to Colorado from Texas and did just that. Their elopement was centered around their family back home, even though it was just them and their daughter.

Here are some ways to make your elopement extra special:

1. Read letters from the most important people in your life.

Ask the important people in your life to write you and bae a letter to be read on your elopement day. This is a great way to incorporate your people and also make tribute to them on the best day of your life. Jessie and Shane had their parents write a letters to them they read privately before saying “I do.”

2. Incorporate heirlooms

Whether it be rings from your grandmother or a piece of material worked into your attire – do not forget your “something borrowed.” I know this seems like a typical “tradition and you’re like “kenzie, wtf, traditions are so not our style” – but shift your mindset. This is one way you can incorporate your family or special items into your elopement to add a special element.

3. Share a first dance.

Bring a portable speaker or ask your photographer to bring a speaker. Share a special dance with the mountains as your backdrop. Before you’re like “omg that’s cheesy” – hear me out. Elopement days seem to go by so fast, first dances are can be a time for you and bae to soak up the moment together. To be present.

4. Wear what you want.

Shane chose to wear a ball cap because that’s how he’s most comfortable! Your elopement day is not a day to try to be someone you’re not. If you don’t usually wear dresses, don’t wear a dress. If you’re not feeling white, don’t wear white. Wear what makes you feel comfortable & amazing.

5. Celebrate.

I think this is the most overlooked part about eloping because sometimes there no one else there. Bring some champagne (always check area regulations) or your favorite way to celebrate. Avoid anything that will leave litter behind such as confetti or anything that will harm wildlife.

6. Rent a sick getaway car.

You saved a shit ton of money by eloping, go all out on a killer ride to get you around Colorado. I love using Turo for affordable car rentals! If you’re coming to Colorado during Winter months, I highly recommend getting an SUV with 4 wheel drive. Having a kick ass car will make you feel like a baddie – who doesn’t want to feel that way on their elopement day!?

Okay, so now you know ways to make your elopement day special – let’s choose an awesome location.

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