I know what you’re all thinking – why in the heck is Kenzie writing a blog about boudoir photos when she’s a Colorado elopement photographer? Yes, I love capturing each of my couples’ special days, but I also really enjoy the creativity that comes with different types of photo sessions, especially boudoir. All the heart eyes and fire emojis. 

Taking boudoir photos can be a really vulnerable experience, so I totally understand that my ladies have lots of questions! I’ve answered some of my most frequently asked questions below to help you know what to expect when you take boudoir pictures with me. If you still have questions, I’m only a DM away!

Q: What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is an intimate form of photography that features the client in a private moment. A lot of the times ladies will choose to do a boudoir session wearing lingerie and gift the sexy pics to bae on their wedding or elopement day. BUT over the years it’s become more and more common for ladies to take boudoir photos as a celebration of their bodies – HELL yes.

For boudoir sessions with me, it’s not just a signup and hope it goes well kind of thing. I go the extra mile to make sure it’s an amazing experience for all involved. I always end up leaving my boudoir shoots feeling inspired by all the strong, confident women I get to capture!

Q: Why should I take boudoir pictures?

There are so many reasons why my clients choose to do a boudoir session, but my favorite is to channel their inner bad bitch. A lot of my ladies do take boudoir photos to use as a gift for their S.O., but I hate the stereotype that it’s only for people in relationships. It’s 2021 y’all – if you’re single and want to take some photos of your hot bod, I’m 100% here for it! Boudoir photography is truly for anyone who wants to celebrate the amazing things their bodies have done for them.

Q: Who should take boudoir pictures?

Like I said, boudoir photos are for anyone and everyone who want to take them! I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients who want to fall in love with their bodies again, want to celebrate themselves, or just want to channel their inner bad bitch for an hour.

Q: Can plus-sized ladies do boudoir?

All body types are welcome in my boudoir sessions. After being in the photography industry for about seven years, I’ve worked with all different types of bodies. When I started doing boudoir, I noticed a lot of plus-size ladies shying away from booking a session because they’d heard horror stories about photographers not knowing angles or how to pose for plus size. That’s some B.S. The last thing I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I educated myself. I sat my ass down and did extensive research on posing and how to create a safe space for all bodies to be celebrated. So rest assured, you’re in good hands boo.

Q: What is a boudoir session like?

Sessions will vary from photographer to photographer, but with me, your comfort is my number one priority! My sessions are typically one-on-one, but I always let ladies know they’re welcome to bring a friend if that makes them comfy. Some ladies also feel more comfortable after a little liquid courage, so alcohol is also allowed, and encouraged, at my sessions. 

To prepare ladies for boudoir, I send them a questionnaire asking all about themselves, including things they love about their bodies, things they’re conscious about, body parts they’d like to emphasize, and any other concerns they have. I know that may not seem like much but it gives me a better idea of how to pose them and make them feel like the baddest bitch around.

Q: What should I wear?

Totally up to you! I provide outfit prep for all of my ladies and cover the dos and don’ts of choosing outfits they feel hot in. Lingerie is not a must-wear. I’ve had clients wear a t-shirt the entire time and that’s totally okay! It’s however you’re most comfy. 

Little props are also fun to incorporate into boudoir photos. Maybe you have a favorite hat or type of flower – bring that ‘ish with you! Your boudoir photos should capture your personality, and I’m open to anything that reflects that. I once did a boudoir session with a couple who ate pizza in the bathtub – obvi I’m down for anything.

Q: Do I have to be nude for boudoir pictures?

Girl, I will never make you get nakie if you don’t want to. Only about two of the dozens of ladies I’ve photographed have ever gotten fully nude. My boudoir sessions are totally led by the client, so however you’re comfortable is how I’m comfortable.

Q: What if I don’t know how to pose?

Posing expertise is what I’m here for. I’ve done extensive research on how to best pose all body types for boudoir and I’ll never make you do something that doesn’t feel like you. My favorite spaces to shoot in are ones that allow us to move around a lot, so you’ll never be in the same pose for long! During my sessions, I’ve noticed once my ladies shake off their nerves and start having fun in front of the camera, posing usually ends up happening naturally.

Q: Where can my boudoir pictures be taken?

I find the dreamiest locations for my clients and rent out the space so we have it all to ourselves. I also always ask my ladies for a Pinterest board or any inspo they may have in mind so I can find a space that reflects their vision. The location will change based on the city I’m shooting in, but it’s always an intimate space with lots of light and interesting decor to make the backdrop of your photos almost as gorgeous as you. 

Q: What am I supposed to do with my boudoir pictures?

For my ladies taking photos for bae, they use their boudoir photos as a gift for their wedding day, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. But your photos don’t always have to be for someone else. If you want to post them on your Insta to celebrate how beautiful your body is – YES girl! I’ll be the first one in your comments hyping you up. Many of my boudoir clients have also told me how powerful their photos make them feel, so on the days they’re feeling a little down on themselves their boudoir photos have been able to boost their confidence back up to where it damn well should be. 

Q: Where can I get my boudoir pictures printed?

These are your private photos, so it’s a hard no on getting boudoir photos printed at a local store or through an online photo service. No one wants a random dude at Walgreens creeping on their pictures. My boudoir clients get an online gallery of all their photos and from there they can order beautiful photo albums from a professional print lab. If an album isn’t what you’re looking for, I also recommend using Nations Photo Lab to order high-quality prints.

If boudoir is something you’re seriously thinking about, I highly recommend you take the leap and do it! I always get the sweetest feedback from my ladies after a session saying how empowered and sexy they felt during our shoot. Every damn woman deserves to feel that way about themselves. 

Boudoir shoots aren’t something I offer often, but I do have a couple of openings for anyone who may be interested. Chicago ladies, I’ll be in your area on June 4 and have an available session from 3 – 4 p.m. Denver hotties, you luck out! I now offer regular boudoir sessions throughout the year. Come hang with me, boudoir babes.