COVID-Friendly Date Ideas that Don’t Suck.

At this point, COVID-19 has been a buzzword for over a year. The Panorama, the Panini, the Panny, – whatever you want to call the pandemic, it has changed the way we live. That’s INSANE. By now, people have masks for every occasion, closets are full of comfy clothing only (have you seen my favorite WFH outfit?), and ordering takeout is second nature (thanks Alex). Needless to say, things are different and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, celebrating with bae is going to be different this year too. 

If you don’t have plans yet, check out my top five date ideas for some inspiration! If you’re a Colorado couple, I included some special suggestions just for you. And don’t forget – just because we have a vaccine now (hell yes!) doesn’t mean we’re back to normal. Wear your masks, keep your distance, and wash your damn hands.

1. Romantic Art Walk

For my artsy Colorado couples, this is one of my dream dates! Alex and I live near the River North Art District (RiNo) and there’s art everywhere. It’s a dream. This V-day, grab bae, bundle up, and head out for an art walk through RiNo. I have a few favorites on Walnut and Larimer streets, but there’s art no matter where you go, so you’ll find something anywhere you end up. Don’t forget to check out the alleys – there’s one called Art Alley between 26th and 27th that you can’t miss!

2. Farmer’s Market Dinner

If you’re a couple who typically grab dinner every Valentine’s Day, why not try making it yourself this year? Find a recipe for what you ordered last year or something you’ve been craving and grab your groceries! Make a day-date out of it by heading to a local farmer’s market for your ingredients. It’s a great way to connect with your community while supporting local businesses. 

3. Day-Date Hike

Alex and I love spending time together out on the trails, so if sitting still just isn’t your thing, a day in the mountains is perfect. You can’t beat the fresh air and the views in Colorado are PHENOMENAL. One of our go-to’s when we have visitors in town is St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs. It’s beginner-friendly but still has great views when you get to the top. There are also great hikes around Red Rocks and Garden of the GodsMy Instagram is full of my amazing couples at spots around Denver if you need more ideas!

4. Cozy Game Night

Maybe you and bae prefer to stay in and chill in your pj’s. Grab some of your favorite games, pop some popcorn, and get your game on! Whether it’s board games or video games, nothing beats a little competition with your SO. Animal Crossing is my fave – if we’re not friends already, what are you waiting for?!

5. Relaxing Hot Springs

Spas have been hard to get into with pandemic precautions, so if you’re looking for a new way to pamper yourselves and relax, Colorado has great hot springs not far from Denver! I love Indian Hot Springs which is just a quick 35-minute drive. Choose between their underground caves with natural hot springs or their natural hot spring pool!

However you end up celebrating February 14, I hope it’s the perfect day. And if you end up adding some bling to a certain finger, I know a GREAT photographer for engagement photos.