Matt & Emily eloped on a mountain top that wasn’t accessible to their friends and family just days before their Backyard Celebration. They had originally planned a larger reception to celebrate their marriage, but Covid changed their plans. Instead, they planned an intimate backyard wedding and dinner to celebrate with their parents and their best friends, here’s their story.

“We met at work 5 years ago. We were living in Maryland at the time. Matt is a software engineer and I’m a Project Manager. He shared an office with 2 other software developers who I worked with regularly on my projects. I used to fill their mini fridge with beer to butter them up and Matt would stop by my desk to raid the candy bowl. Eventually, they invited me to play Uno with them, which was their favorite break-time activity.

One Friday we ended up being the last 2 people in the office and decided to grab a drink together. The rest is history. We only worked in the same office for about 4 months before Matt took a new job and we kept our relationship quiet until he left.

We adopted our dog, Rufus, together about 6 months into our relationship and moved in together a few months after that. I moved into Matt’s apartment outside the city until his lease was up. Thankfully only a few months and then convinced him to give Baltimore a chance. We lived in the city for a few years and then moved to Denver in Nov 2018. Moving to a new state was a big dream of mine and Matt jumped right in with me. We spent a year checking out potential cities including California and the PNW as well, but Colorado just had everything we were looking for. The only hard part was leaving behind our family of friends and trying to meet new people, but thankfully we have each other. I always joke we’ll finally make friends when we have kids and meet other parents.”

“Matt is so kind, supportive and charismatic. He can hold a conversation with anyone he meets and is genuinely interested in what you have to say. He tells me every day how proud he is of me or what a great job I’m doing on everyday things. He is my constant cheerleader, gives the best hugs and can always make me laugh.”

“One of the reasons I love my Emily is that she is a good person, she is passionate about almost everything that she does, and never lets me answer with “I don’t care”, because she always does.”

“It started on my birthday. Matt wrote a series of riddles and word puzzles and would give a new one each time I solved one. It took forever and I definitely got frustrated by how long he was dragging it out haha. I think it was a total of 24 puzzles, he put so much time and thought into it and the final puzzle had a hidden message which was the proposal. We’ve been engaged since Jan 2019. It took him so long that I planned to propose to him, but didn’t want to ruin his moment so I held out.”


Catering: Yuan Wonton

Cake & Desserts: The Noshery

HMUA: Rachelle Reese

Floral: Bridal Veil Floral

Gown: The Altar Bridal Hayley Paige

Jewelry: Marrow Fine Sarah O Jewelry

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