“Shevy and I have been together going on two years but we’ve only been “out” as a couple for the past 8 months. The overall culture of our last job was pretty unaccepting of our relationship and eventually became too much of a burden for us to carry and we moved to Shevy’s home city of Chicago in January to feel more comfortable just being us. Because so much of our relationship was spent “in the closet” we’ve never had legitimate or professional pictures taken of us together (I don’t think my portrait mode iPhone photos count, unfortunately). Overall we’re both excited to do this together and make visually official memories to celebrate our new home in Chicago and our love for one another.”

Shevy – “I love that Kaitlyn always has my back. She laughs with me always and would never let anyone laugh at me despite how innocent she looks. I appreciate that even though Kaitlyn may not always say the right thing she always tries and it never goes unappreciated by me. No matter what silly arguments or disagreements we’ve had she always comes back to the table ready to try”

Kaitlyn – “I love Shevy for so many reasons that I can’t even begin to count. She’s able to make me laugh when I’m sad or angry and goes out of her way to make sure that I’m always taken care of. I feel safe and at home with her and I think that’s a testament to how loved she makes me feel daily. I always say that she does alllllll the small things to make me feel important and cared for. Before her, I was hesitant to have expectations about relationships but she’s made me realize that it’s okay to set expectations and as my romantic partner she far exceeds any expectation I’ve ever had for what a true life partner should look like.”