Brad and Brittany always bonded over boarding – from matching Vans shoes to their mutual love for all things skateboarding. Their first date was a long boarding adventure. Brad proposed on the same path they had their first long boarding date with all of Brittany’s friends involved.

“On May 13th 2017, I graduate from Indiana State University. I believe that was the only thing happening that day… My boyfriend, Brad, was with me for most of the but said he had to leave to go meet his parents. My best friends came over and wanted to get a celebratory drink for graduating. I believed them and we left for two hours till one of them said they had to meet some one at my boyfriends college. I agreed and we drove there. We drove to the back of the school and I saw Brad standing with two longboards, we are long boarders. My friends told me “to get out and happy graduation”. Brad told me I have a surprised and we started riding. He recreated my favorite date we went on and at the bottom of the hill I saw my friends and family from all over the country holding signs. Brad had called them all in to be part of this. They were holding signs describing how brad loved me and how he wanted to spend forever with me. At the bottom of the hill he pulled me to where we said ” I love you” for the first time. He then pulled me to the bridge that was next to us and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes.”

“Brittany brings out the confidence in me and helps me be more adventurous! She accepts my strange and quirky hobbies as well and goes out of her way to try and learn stuff about them to make me smile. She’s the and I couldn’t imagine taking on the world with anyone else.”

“The thing I love most about Brad is how much he accepts and cares about me and the things that I care about. I have a lot of crazy obsessions and quirks that from an outside perspective may seem really weird to other people. He doesn’t only accept them, but he participates in them so that I’m not alone. He is truly my best friend that I can do anything with.”